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Transform your space with Sweet Scents' exquisite Stained Glass Butterfly. This beautiful piece comes with two (2) 10 oz. Citronella Blend glass inserts featuring a stylish bamboo lid. Perfect for outdoor use to repel insects, or indoors with another scent for a delightful ambiance. Hand-poured using 100% natural soy wax and plant-based fragrance oils, it embodies elegance and functionality. It is an ideal gift that merges art and utility, bringing joy to any occasion.

Stained Glass Butterfly with Citronella Blend Inserts


Buy 1 get 1 for 50% off

    • Store your candle in an area out of direct sunlight during the day.
    • Before moving your candle, let the wax harden to avoid spillage from the die cut design.
    • Place in an area away from small children and pets.
    • If the candle gets wet, simply pat dry with a paper towel.
    • If your candle is on a patio or deck with a slope, rotate 180 degrees each time that you light your candle to ensure nice even burn of wax.
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