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Fall  Scents

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

It is our pleasure to introduce our Fall 2023 candles, wax melts, fire-starters and fragrances! 

Our candles are 100% natural made with 100% Soy Wax and Plant Based Essential Oils.  We do not use additives or preservation and all of our products are Phthalate and Paraben Frees.  Candles and wax melts are human, pet and environmentally friendly.

We know that you will love them!


  • Absolutely Autumn - Take a walk in the woods with this wonderful fall fragrance. Smell the falling leaves, a touch of pumpkin and apples!


  • Apple Butter Pumpkin - A warm blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla meets fresh apple with buttery notes. A very yummy aroma!


  • Autumn Pear - Succulent ripe pears, warmed by the sun, and kissed with vanilla, brown sugar and spice.


  • Campfire - Imagine the cozy feeling of sitting next to a roaring fire with the comforting scent of charred firewood, clove, and warm woods swirling around you.  Candle is made with a crackle wick.


  • Candy Apple - Sweet apple wrapped in a candy coating.


  • Drunken Pumpkin - Experience the richness of heavy bourbon notes, expertly combined with the warm sweetness of fall. This sophisticated twist on a seasonal favorite entices with spiced pumpkin, cardamom, vanilla bourbon, brown sugar, and amber.


  • Gold Amber Leaves - Golden Amber Leaves is an enticing fragrance oil that takes you away to a serene autumnal oasis. At the top, the delicate aroma of Dewy Aquatic Tangerine greets your senses, evoking the freshness of a morning mist. As the fragrance unfolds, a harmonious bouquet of Lily, Lavender, and Golden Honey emerges, infusing warmth and floral elegance into the air. As the scent deepens, the smooth and velvety texture of Musk mingles with the sweetness of Vanilla, while the earthy nuances of Amber and Sandalwood provide a comforting and grounding touch.


  • Green Apple - A delightful mix of fruity floral and crisp green apple. Top notes of green apple, crisp citrus, and nuances of Berries. Peach mid notes reaching into a light musk at the base of the fragrance.


  • Hot Apple Pie – Let the succulent top notes of crisp apple blended with cinnamon and spices take you away to the scent a hot apple pie baking in the oven!  


  • Hot Butter Rum - Experience the distinct sweetness of rum, perfectly complemented by a decadent, creamy layer.


  • Leaves - Leaves will ignite the thrill of autumn in every breath. Picture yourself wandering through a sun-drenched orchard, where the air is infused with the exhilarating aroma of red apples, juicy peaches, and zesty oranges.


  • Mulled Cider - A spicey bouquet of apple, clove, orange and cinnamon top notes with a sweet background.


  • Pumpkin Caramel - The rich, velvety aroma of creamy pumpkin puree, delicately layered with the warmth of Ground Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Clove Leaf begin this incredible olfactory journey. As the scent lingers, it unveils a tantalizing base of decadent French Vanilla and Caramelized Sugar, infusing the air with an irresistible sweetness. 

  • Sage - The scent of freshly cut sage that delights the senses.


  • Salted Apple Caramel - Delight your senses with the decadent blend of apple, rich, salted caramel and creamy vanilla, accented by subtle hints of butter, ginger, and nutmeg.  


  • Salted Caramel - Delight your senses with the decadent blend of rich, salted caramel and creamy vanilla, accented by subtle hints of butter, ginger, and nutmeg.  


  • Spiced Pumpkin - Delicious, sweet & fruity scent of pumpkin with a perfect mix of spices. Top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin and rum, mid notes of citrus, apples and ginger and nutty vanilla base notes with woody musk.

  • Spiced Pumpkin Pie - Our Spiced Pumpkin Pie fragrance oil perfectly captures the essence of this beloved autumn treat. Pumpkin puree and the warming spices of cinnamon, clove buds, and ginger root dance harmoniously, infusing the fragrance with a tantalising richness.  


  • Spiced Apple Cinnamon - Mac apples with light fruity notes combined with freshly ground clove buds and cinnamon.


  • Sunflower - Bask in the uplifting notes of sunflower and golden apple, evoking a sense of joy and vitality. Delicate orange blossom and vanilla blossom add a touch of femininity and sweetness, while the gentle embrace of blond woods provides a comforting and grounding base.

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