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Novelty Candles

We love our Novelty Candles!  They are fun and always bring a smile!

Cup Cake Candles:

Say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Just Thinking of You, etc. with a Sweet Scents cup cake.  Each cupcake is hand-poured and the icing on top is carefully piped on.  The sprinkles are made of sugar and will melt with the candle.  Choose between French Vanilla (white ) and a Chocolate fragrance.  We can customize the icing on the cupcake with a wide variety of colours!

Cost:  $20.00

Fruit Loops Bowl:

Our fruit loop bowl are amazing and a customer favourite!  As yes they smell 100% like you just opened up a box of Froot Loops even when the candles is in its cold state!  They are fun and colourful!  Each candle contains 600 ml 100% Soy Wax and 3 wicks.  Pair it up with our Fruit Loops Wax Melts.!

Cost:  $25.00

Fruit Loop Wax Melts:

Sweet Scents Fruit Loop Wax Melt come in a 250 ml jar and are the equivalent of purchasing one of our beautiful wax melt packages.

Cost:  $10.00

Pig Candles:

This little Pig candle is a hit with our customers.  Especially if they really, really love pigs.  Each candle is single wicked and contains 600mls of soy wax with approximately 80 hours burn-time.  The most common fragrance for this candle is of course ..... Maple Glazed Bacon but you can choose any fragrance you love.  Choose between the Female or Male Pig or buy both!

Cost:  $20.00

Tye Dye Candles:

Sweet Scents Tye Dye candles are simply beautiful.  The container holds 250 ml, single wick and is currently offered in three beautiful fragrances.  Blueberry & Cream, Raspberry Creamsicle and Strawberries and Cream.  A nice summer addition to your kitchen. 

Cost:  $10.00

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