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Mystic Candles

Candles and crystals play a very important role in the Mystic/Spiritual world.  Every candle and crystal have very specific meanings.  Sweet Scents has put together a beautiful line of Mystic Candles.  We have matched each of our scents with a crystal and both the candle and the crystal share the same meaning.


Whether you are looking for love, fortune, inner healing or a sense of calm, we have a candle for you!  



The Candle Scent - Aquamarine:  Aquamarine is a blend of ocean water, mint leaf and wet stone.

The Crystal:  Aquamarine. 

The Meaning:  Calming, Cleansing, Communication, Fearlessness, Happiness, Knowledge, Protection, Trust, Truth and Letting Go.  Physical, Emotional and Throat Chakra Healing



Basil Blue Sage:

The Candle:  Basil Blue Sage is a sophisticated and herbaceous scent with Rosemary, Basil, Sage and Spearmint Leaves blended with Cardamom, Jasmine and Lavender, along with a base of Fir Needle, Copaiba Balsam and Patchouli to produce an aroma full of depth and vibrancy. 

The Crystal:  Green Aventurine. 

The Meaning:  Luck, Abundance, Cleanse, Protect, Healing, Optimism, Zest for Life, Releases Old Patterns, Habits and Disappointments so New Growth can take place.  Cardiac, Circulatory, Surgery Healing.



The Candle Scent – Bergamot:  A reviving light orange fragrance.

The Crystal:  Malecite

The Meaning:  Attracting prosperity, happiness, strength, uplifting the spirit, protection and promotes clarity of thought and healing.  Bergamot can help produce sleepiness and cure insomnia. Bergamot is also known for its inflammation-lessening properties, meaning it can be good for everyday aches and pains.



The Candle Scent - Dragon’s Blood: A mysterious, sweet, earthy aroma. Notes of amber, patchouli, rose and sandalwood blends with nuances of jasmine and citrus to bring out subtle spice undertones. Base notes of vanilla and powder completes this scent. 

The Crystal:  Carnelian. 

The Meaning:  Motivation, Endurance, Leadership, Courage, Physical Power, Stamina, Drive, Determination. Attracts Prosperity and Luck.  Stimulates metabolism and blood to the organs and tissue.  Increases Fertility.



The Candle Scent – Eucalyptus Spearmint:   A refreshing twist of eucalyptus and spearmint with lime-like minty top notes and base notes of patchouli and light musk. 

The Crystal:  Fluorite. 

The Meaning:  Rest, Relaxation, Clarity, Mental Enhancement.  Alleviate Anxiety and Stress, Spiritual Detoxification, Clears Negative Energy, Aids in Better Decision Making.



The Candle Scent - Lavender:  A soothing scent with base notes of French Lavender, which is soft and mild. 

The Crystal:  Amethyst. 

The Meaning:  Purity, Serenity, Gentleness, Loving, Warmhearted, Devotion, Grace, Intimacy, Friendship, Well Wishes, Peace, Cleansing, Calming.  Natural Tranquilizer to Dispel Rage, Fear, Anger and Anxiety.


Lavender & Ylang Ylang:

The Candle:  Combining Lavender & Ylang Ylang with citrus top notes, and a spicy vanilla base for a truly calming and mood improving experience. 

The Crystal:  Crazy Lace Agate.

The Meaning:  Happiness, Soothing, Grounded, Balance, Love, Self Confidence, Protection, Wards off Evil and Absorbs Emotional Pain or Turmoil.  Physical Healing, Stronger Immune System, Health.



The Candle:  The aroma of our Lemon Fragrance Oil is similar to zesty, fresh lemon rinds. 

The Crystal:  Citrine. 

The Meaning:  Light, Love, Affection, Fidelity, Heart and Soul.  Calming, Happiness, Prosperity,




The Candle Scent - Lemongrass:  This fragrance has a fresh lemony scent capped off with lingering herbaceous undertones. 

The Crystal:  Sodalite.

The Meaning: Fortune, Joy, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality, Positive Energy.  Willingness to be Open, Fosters Open and Effective Communication.  Enhances ability to Speak the Truth of your Emotions, Follow your Intuition, Be Objective and Encourages Rational Thoughts.  Helps with Water Retention and Calcium Deficiencies.



The Candle Scent - Patchouli:  It is balanced out by sweet mandarin, and wild fern top notes, followed by a delicate rose heart note, along with cedarwood, patchouli and amber base notes. 

The Crystal: Tiger Eye.

The Meaning:  Love, Fertility, Vitality, Stamina, Anti-Depressant, Motivation, Survival Drive. Protects Against and Grounds Negative Energies, Enhances Willpower, Positivity and Confidence.  Attracts Prosperity and Good Luck.  Assist in the Healing of the Eyes.



The Candle Scent – Lavender & Sage:  The sweet floral notes of lavender seamlessly intermingle with the earthy, herbaceous undertones of sage, evoking a sense of calm and relaxation.

The Crystal:  Amethyst. 

The Meaning:  Known as the master healer gem it's used within meditation to bring harmony to those around it, while also relieving feelings of stress, anger and impatience. It is said to relieve you from physical, emotional and psychological pain too.



The Candle Scent – Rose Quartz:  Rose Quartz is a blend of rose water, lily petals, and fresh patchouli. Rose Quartz is said to help you practice self-love. 

The Crystal:  Rose Quartz.

The Meaning:  Love, Compassion, Friendship, Relationships, Calming, Self-Love, Joy, Abundance, Energy.  Protects against Environmental Stressors, Encourages Self-Forgiveness, Self-Trust, Self-Worth, Inner Healing and Feelings of Peace.



The Candle Scent - Sage: A clean smelling scent of sage. 

The Crystal:  Clear Quartz.

The Meaning:  Clear Mind, Body, Spirit, Carve Out a Vision, Calmness, Purity, Nature, Growth Renewal, Prosperity, Freshness and Progress.  Master Healer to Amplify Energy.  Draws in Negative Energy and Helps to Neutralize Background Radiation, Electromagnetic, Smog and Petrochemical Emanations.



Sea Salt & Driftwood:

The Candle A mixture of earthy wood and sea salt, leaving you feeling fresh and lifted.

The Crystal:  Agate.

The Meaning:  Composure, Inner Stability, Maturity, Protective, Calmness, Purity, Nature Growth, Renewal, Prosperity, Luck, Progress.  Receptacle for Negative Energy, Toxicity and Unpleasantness.  Prevents Unwelcome Visitors and Malicious Entities from your Door.



The Candle Scent - Sandalwood:  This fragrance captures the true essence of the real sandalwood. It has top notes of jasmine and cedarwood with mid notes of gardenias.

The Crystal:  Dalmatian Jasper.

The Meaning:  Allows Us to Connect with Our Inner Child.  Fosters Openness, Warmth and Understanding.  Creates a Sense of Playfulness, Joy and Lightheartedness.  Helps to Let Go of Resentment, Bitterness or Feelings of Restriction.  Tourmaline Spots add Energy, Spiritual Grounding and Physical Protection



The Candle Scent - Thyme:  Fresh thyme and herb blooms intertwine a complex herbaceous floral blend.  

The Crystal: Carnelian. 

The Meaning:  Motivation, Endurance, Leadership, Courage, Physical Power, Stamina, Drive, Determination. Attracts

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